Visitor Tracking System with Python Tkinter

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The Visitor Tracking System, built with Python Tkinter, offers an intuitive GUI for managing visitor records. It includes features for marking visits, searching records, and exporting data to CSV files. The modern and user-friendly design, powered by ttk.Style and SQLite, ensures efficient data storage. The code is well-organized, providing a simple yet effective solution for tracking and managing visitor information.

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This Visitor Tracking System employs Tkinter to build a user interface with various features. Users can input visitor details, mark visits, search for visitors, export data to CSV, view details, and clear records. The GUI is styled using ttk.Style, providing a modern appearance. Data is stored in an SQLite database, and the application integrates datetime for timestamp functionality. The code structure includes classes and methods for creating and managing the UI components, handling database operations, and updating the displayed visitor information. This code showcases the implementation of a practical and visually appealing visitor tracking solution with Tkinter and SQLite.

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