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Welcome to our Django-based Code Compiler project! 🚀 In this project, we’ve developed a web application that allows users to write and execute Python code securely. The application is built using Django, a powerful Python web framework.

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  • Secure Code Execution: Our application uses subprocess to execute Python code securely, preventing any malicious activities.
  • Input Data Handling: Users can input data and test their Python code with multiple inputs.
  • Timeout Handling: The code execution has a timeout feature to prevent long-running or infinite loops.
  • Database Logging: Every code execution is logged in the database, ensuring a record of all activities.

How to Use:

  1. Enter your Python code in the provided form.
  2. Optionally, input data for testing (multiple inputs are supported).
  3. Click “Compile and Execute” to see the output.

Important Note: This project is designed for educational purposes. Always exercise caution while executing code, and avoid running untrusted code.

Watch Demo : Click Here

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