Text 2 Handwriting Converter Built using Django & Python

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The given source code comprises Django views designed to create a “Text to Handwriting” feature within a web application. It facilitates the conversion of typed text into a handwritten format, allowing users to generate personalized handwritten content digitally.

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Key Components:

  1. Django Views:
    • The core functionality resides in the text_to_handwriting view function, which handles HTTP requests and responses.
    • Upon receiving a POST request with text data, it generates a handwritten image and converts it into a PDF file.
  2. Image Generation:
    • The generate_handwriting function creates a blank image and draws the input text onto it, mimicking a handwritten style.
    • It employs the Python Imaging Library (PIL) for image processing tasks, enabling customization of font, size, position, and color.
  3. PDF Conversion:
    • After generating the handwritten image, it is temporarily saved as a PNG file.
    • The save_handwriting_pdf function utilizes the ReportLab library to create a PDF canvas and embeds the handwritten image within it.
    • The resulting PDF is then returned as an HTTP response to the user.

Use Case:

  • Educational Assistance:
    • This project can aid students in assignments requiring handwritten submissions.
    • By providing a digital alternative to manual writing, it streamlines the assignment process and accommodates students who prefer digital mediums.


  1. Efficiency:
    • The automation of handwriting generation reduces the time and effort required for manual writing, enhancing productivity and workflow efficiency.
  2. Customization:
    • Students can customize the handwriting style, font size, and color to align with assignment requirements or personal preferences, fostering creativity and personalization.
  3. Accessibility:
    • The web-based nature of the application ensures accessibility from any internet-enabled device, allowing students to utilize the tool conveniently.


In summary, the provided source code offers a practical solution for implementing a “Text to Handwriting” feature within a Django web application. By leveraging image processing and PDF generation libraries, it empowers users, particularly students, to create handwritten content digitally, thereby facilitating the assignment process and promoting efficiency and customization.


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