Introduction in Python Programming

Let’s Dive into Python: The Coding Adventure Begins! 🐍

Hey future Pythonista! 👋 Today, we’re going to embark on a fantastic coding journey to learn the Python programming language. Get ready to discover the magic of Python and become a coding wizard! 🚀✨

Step 1: Setting Up Your Coding Space

Ask your awesome helper to download and install Visual Studio Code from here. It’s like getting the coolest playground for our Python adventures!

Step 2: Welcoming Python to Your Computer

We need Python to make the magic happen. Ask for help to download Python from Python’s website. Don’t forget to check the box that says “Add Python to PATH” during installation. Python will now be your coding buddy!

Step 3: Opening the Treasure Chest – Visual Studio Code

Click on the Visual Studio Code icon to open it. This is where the coding magic takes place!

Step 4: Enchanting Your Code with Extensions

Click on the squares on the side to find Extensions. Search for “Python” and install the one made by Microsoft. This is like adding special tools to your wizard’s toolkit!

Step 5: Let’s Chat in the Python Terminal

Click on “View” and then “Terminal” to open a magical chat room called the terminal. This is where we’ll talk to Python!

Step 6: Invoking Python Magic

Type the following spell in the terminal:

print("Hello, Python!")

Press Enter! You just cast your first Python spell. 🪄✨

Step 7: Writing Our First Potion – A Python Script

Create a new file (click on “File” and then “New File”) and write some Python code, like this:

def greet(name): print("Hello, " + name + "!") greet("Magical Coder")

Save the file with a “.py” extension, like “”. This is your first Python script!

Step 8: Casting the Python Spell

Back in the terminal, type:


Watch as your Python script comes to life! 🎉

Step 9: Python Potions – Variables and Data Types

In Python, we use variables to store information. For example:

wizard_name = "Pythius" magic_level = 42 is_magician = True

Here, wizard_name is a text variable, magic_level is a number variable, and is_magician is a True/False variable.

Step 10: Mixing Potions – Python Lists

Sometimes, we need to mix different potions. In Python, we use lists:

potions = ["Potion of Strength", "Invisibility Elixir", "Fireball Brew"]

You can access each potion using its position in the list. For example, potions[0] is the first potion.

Congratulations, young coder! You’ve just started your Python adventure. Keep exploring, keep coding, and have fun on this magical coding journey! 🚀🐍🧙‍♂️

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