Django Dashboard Tutorial: Streamlining Business Operations


Welcome to the Django Dashboard tutorial! In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of setting up and using our comprehensive dashboard designed to streamline various aspects of your business operations.


Before we begin, make sure you have the following installed on your machine:

      1. Python: Download Python

      1. Django: Install Django using the command:Copy code

      1. pip install Django

      1. Database Setup:
            • Configure your database settings in the file.

        1. Additional Packages:
              • Install required packages:Copy code

              • pip install django-crispy-forms

              • pip install Pillow

        Getting Started

        1. Download the Repository

        Download the Django Dashboard project repository to your local machine.

        Click here to download

        2. Create a Virtual Environment

        Set up a virtual environment to isolate your project dependencies:

        python -m venv venv

        3. Activate Virtual Environment

        Activate the virtual environment:

            • On Windows:Copy codevenv\Scripts\activate

            • On macOS/Linux:bashCopy codesource venv/bin/activate


          4. Apply Database Migrations

          Apply initial database migrations:

          python makemigrations python migrate

          5. Create a Superuser

          Create an admin superuser to access the Django admin panel:

          python createsuperuser

          6. Run the Development Server

          Start the development server:

          python runserver

          Exploring the Dashboard

          1. Access the Dashboard

          Open your web browser and go to

          2. Access the Admin Panel

          Visit and log in using the superuser credentials created earlier.

          Dashboard Features

          1. General Statistics

              • Products: View the total number of products available.

              • Orders: Monitor the number of processed orders.

              • Customers: Track the number of active customers.

            2. Product Management

                • Use the products view to navigate the product catalog.

                • Leverage the search functionality to find specific products efficiently.

              3. Customer Management

                  • Explore the customers view to manage and view customer details.

                4. Order Processing

                    • Efficiently process orders using the order view.

                    • Utilize real-time updates and search functionality.

                  5. Specialized Product Categories

                      • Discover cleaning and canteen products with dedicated views.

                    6. Low Quantity Products

                        • Stay informed about products with low quantities.

                        • Proactively manage stock to prevent shortages.

                      7. Supplier and Invoice Management

                          • Use views like Supplie_list and invoice_list to manage suppliers and invoices effectively.

                        8. User Permissions

                            • Ensure data security with differentiated access roles.

                          Additional Features

                          – Email Notifications

                              • Receive timely alerts for low quantity products.

                              • Customize notification settings for administrators.

                            – Order Issuing

                                • Streamline the process for issuing orders with real-time validation.


                              Congratulations! You’ve successfully set up and explored your Django Dashboard. This powerful tool is designed to enhance your business’s productivity and streamline day-to-day operations.

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