Real-Time Webcam Streaming with Flask and Socket.IO

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Real-Time Webcam Streaming with Flask and Socket.IO” enables live video broadcasting from a webcam to a web browser using Python’s Flask framework and Socket.IO for seamless, low-latency communication.

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This project harnesses Python’s Flask framework and Socket.IO library to create a dynamic real-time webcam streaming application. Utilizing OpenCV, it captures video frames from a webcam, converts them into JPEG images, and streams them to connected clients via WebSocket communication facilitated by Socket.IO. This architecture ensures smooth transmission of live video feeds to a web interface.

On the client side, the interface is crafted using HTML and JavaScript, where Socket.IO events update and display the live video feed dynamically. This allows users to seamlessly view the webcam feed in real time across various devices with web browser support, thanks to efficient frame handling and transmission protocols.

Webcam Streaming Flask Socket.IO not only showcases the integration of cutting-edge web technologies for multimedia streaming but also underscores the robust capabilities of Python libraries like OpenCV for real-time video processing. Coupled with Flask and Socket.IO, it exemplifies the development of scalable, responsive web applications tailored for interactive and engaging user experiences.


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